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      I suffered from venous insufficiency for many years and went from one ‘specialist’ to the next, seeking a cure.   They all claimed that they had an answer and would prescribe different methods for dealing with this ailment.  I endured several painful procedures of the Vena Cure, which burns out affected veins in the legs. This didn’t work. Strange vitamin regimens were prescribed by someone else. That did not help either. One doctor eventually threw his hands up in the air and suggested that the only possibility was for me to pray to God!  Nobody could help me.
     I was truly at the end of my rope
when I finally contacted Taylor at

She taught me how to cure myself using

The Art of Gua Sha & the importance of taking care of my body’s lymphatic system. 

     Once I began using the techniques that I learned from Taylor, my body began to change  and heal.  Today I am entirely pain free and  I owe my recovery to the powerful lessons taught to me by Taylor. 

     If you are finally done with pain and want to move on with your life, then I highly recommend you connect with Taylor at

                                 ~Pieter Schaafsma, ASLA

​​Taylor has devoted her life's work to

and is a specialist about

the Value of the Lymphatic System. 

She understands the physical-emotional strategies

for self-empowered Lymphatic Health.  

Did you know that:

The human body has

3 times more lymphatic fluid than blood!

The Lymphatic System is

where health begins and ends!

The Lymphatic System is crucial to

the cleansing of the body!

The Lymphatic System destroys
harmful bacteria, fungi and other toxic materials!

The Lymphatic System has no pump & relies
on the body’s exercise to function optimally!

A Healthy Nervous System
depends on a Healthy Lymphatic System!

is YOUR INNER OCEAN flowing?

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