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Heal Your Inner Ocean…Heal Your Life   
by Taylor, Lymphatic Expert

All health begins and ends in the lymphatic system. Your inner ocean/the lymphatic system, is your body’s water, which has scientifically proven; holds information… the key to your health. Imagine that, it is designed to ward off infection, germs, inflammation and disease. It works in concert with your immune system, mirroring your thoughts, mind, emotions and life style. So pick happy ones. It’s your inner flow of life; channeling its way throughout the body, carrying infection-fighting cells, filtering OUT fat and impurities. It is commonly known as the "garbage disposal.”

The Lymphatic System is critical to all systems in the body!
It destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, fat, cellulite and other toxic materials!
This system has no pump and relies on the body's exercise to function optimally! Move it or lose it!
A Healthy Nervous System depends on a Healthy Lymph System!
You have three to four times more Lymph fluid than you have blood!
It is the base of your immune system!

Our country is in need of help, when one out of two people have life threatening disease.  Support your inner ocean and heal your life:
♥ Keep moving mentally and physically – be active
♥ Unconditional love for self , others and everything
♥ Fun, laughter and happiness
♥ Adequate rest
♥ Listen to yourself and tell your truth                            
♥ Creativity                               
♥ Good digestion
♥ Enjoyable activities
♥ Challenges are dealt with and not overwhelming
♥ Body and mind is flexible
♥ Body is toned due to enough movement
♥ Pleasant weight is maintained
♥ Problems are seen as opportunities
♥ Sexual energy is balanced
♥ Relationships are supportive, enjoyable and freeing

Taylor is a wise, passionate, dedicated and humorous expert on your body’s amazing inner ocean, the lymphatic system, and its profound ability to regain and maintain physical and emotional health.  She is known for developing, teaching and treating the lymphatic health.

Taylor’s studies prove that lymphatic health is a unique journey which mirrors how you treat yourself. With self-love and caring, it radiates health and beauty.

♥ The lymph system carries waste and toxic fluids away from your cells, enhancing total health!

Should someone be experiencing a chronic physical problem, virus, inflammation, infection, overweight, cellulite, lumps, bumps, swelling, pain, low energy and nagging colds/flu…it is a blockage and begins and ends in your inner ocean’s Lymphatic System. Your inner ocean needs to be flowing constantly, in order to detoxify. Exercise and lifestyle offers the body's ability to have thoughts, emotions and beliefs move through your system. It’s called, keep in the present…that’s why they call it a gift.

Caring for this valuable system brings health to a balance. Lymph fluid is designed and meant to move, like the ocean; physically and mentally, while it builds a healthy immune system.

This inner water doesn't have a pump and relies on us to move it in order to rid. not only cellulite and excess weight, but toxic thoughts, memories, and waste that are accumulated in the cells. The cells hold memories, toxic waste and FAT, and this amazing system, has the fabulous job of cleansing all 7 trillion cells.

Your inner ocean is one of the greatest gifts of HEALTH!

The Importance of a Healthy Lymph System and Why it's Important to Keep it Moving:
     Augments the healing process by maintaining lymph function! 
     Affects everything in the body!
     Positively affects every cell in the body!
     Increases physical energy and mental clarity!
     Relationship with yourself and others are more enjoyable!
     Destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and purifies toxic waste in cell metabolism!
     Supports having a healthy body!
It's our best friend!

What Lymphatic Therapy does for YOU:
♥ Stimulates movement of the lymphatic system
♥ Helps rid the body of pain, lumps, bumps and swelling
♥ Increases immunity
♥ Energizes
♥ Encourages health
♥ Anti-Aging
♥ Rejuvenates