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“It is my belief that
good health
peace on earth are related,
they begin inside
each one
of us.”
– Taylor

for lymphatic health


Lymph For Life
Palm Springs, CA

Taylor, International Lymphatic Expert, NCBTMB
Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Educator, Healer, Trainer & Media Personality.

Taylor is a wise, passionate, dedicated expert on our body’s amazing inner ocean, the lymphatic system.  She is known for developing, teaching, and treating the lymphatic system, to regain and maintain physical and emotional health.  A bout with thyroid cancer in 1983 led to Taylor’s discovery of the lymph-mind-health connection.  She has committed her life to assisting others in preventing illness and promoting healing.

Since the 1980s, she has taught courses in lymphatic science, therapy and instrumentation including the Art of Gua Sha, a 2,000-year-old modality of Chinese medicine.  Based on her 30 years of personal research, Taylor has become an enthusiastic and articulate educator and advocate for our inner ocean - the lymphatic system - where health begins and ends. In short, her message is you are your own healer, and you can heal your life.

Taylor has authored 3 books:
“It’s An Inside Job! Confessions of a Lymphomaniac”, 

Your Inner Ocean – Wisdom for Lymphatic Health”, & “Unblock Your Inner Ocean – The Practice of Gua Sha”.

Today Taylor is driven to leave her legacy:  
Recognition of our inner ocean - the Lymphatic System’s wisdom and the application of her natural medical protocol for effective healing and optimal health – to the maximum number of healthcare professionals and citizens worldwide. She has appeared on television and radio programs, and is featured in several books.

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