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Love Taylor's classes, she has a way of helping you get motivated to participate in your own life.  I have taken and sponsored The Art of Gua Sha and recently her 90 day life coach program.
WARNING: There are side effects, Happiness and possibly weight loss,

I have lost 23#!

~ Teri Liebmann


"I am the owner of Animal Reiki in Wailuku.  I attended Taylor's class in September.  I was so impressed and amazed that I wanted to sponsor another class and workshop.  So next January, Taylor is coming back to Maui. 
It is a great way to start the New Year."

~ Teri Liebmann, Hawaii

"Judy, Judy, Judy (aka lymphomaniac…oh so clever)
It’s almost 3 am and I just finished your book. 
It really is well written…simple to digest…with all the tools and skills to motivate and inspire oneself for a fuller and richer life.  You come across very compassionate and kind, a nudge to all for a positive and healthy approach to living.  I came away with these key concepts:  Where your focus goes, your energy flows.  We can always choose where to focus.  We always see what you choose to believe.  We always find what we are looking for.  It is a delightfully happy and powerful book of encouragement.   I’m intrigued!”

~ Love abounds: Linda

“I appreciate Taylor’s vast knowledge in the area of lymphatic health; her amazing experiences, passion and presence with people, and her incredible healing touch.  Taylor’s dedication to educating people in this important field needs to get out to all of society”.

~ Shelley St. John,

Temple Of Peace, Maui, HI


“Taylor is living proof of the profound necessity of Lymphatic work to support the body in healthy living.  She provides entertaining, enriching & knowledgeable awareness of the Lymphatic System whilst illustrating the techniques to provide Chinese Gua Sha Lymphatic drainage”.

~ ASIS Massage Education.

“An amazing class taught by one amazing person. This is probably the best thing you can give yourself. Do yourself a favor, TAKE THE CLASS”.

  ~ Malulani Kuukuu  

“Grail Springs has been delivering top of the line holistic treatments and programs to thousands of individuals for over 18 years. Every one of our therapists agree that  Taylor was one of the most outstanding and professional instructors they have ever worked with. She is incredibly thorough with details, her passion shining in all of her instruction. Gua Sha delivers wonderful results and has now become an in-house favorite therapy to offer our guests.”

~ Madeleine Marentette

President and Founder

Grail Springs Health Spa

& Wellness Retreat Center

Bancroft, Ontario, Canada  

“After years of shoulder-to-feet pain,

your technique and products have proven

to be a miracle, and I now truly believe that Western Medicine is Ancient History.

My mother told me about Lymphatic Drainage and cultivating Qi in my body’s blocked areas.

Bottom line, from using your technique and products:  my pain is 90% gone, I have more energy, my blood sugar levels from my Diabetes has gotten better too. I am sleeping considerably better.

Taylor, thank you so much for providing your wonderful technique and products to the public, as they have made, and are continuing to make an amazing difference in my life on a daily basis”.

~ Greg  

“I experienced a Gua Sha lymphatic massage during my cleanse day today.

It was so awesome I bought a kit so I could treat myself often.

A big thanks to Taylor here in Sedona.

We’re so lucky to have an amazing Lymphologist right here in Sedona.

She knows more about our lymphatic system and how to keep it happy

and healthy than anyone I know. Thanks, Taylor!!!”

~ Rick in Sedona